Varde Minitown

Arnbjerg Park in the centre of Varde is an attractive setting for Varde Minitown, the oldest minitown in the world, built according to the old trades.

The town is a Lilliputian version of the old Varde, which has now largely disappeared, partly because of Varde's unfortunate experience with fire in the early 1800s.

The houses in the Minitown are made by the mini-masons, a group of people who are extremely skilled with their fingers, who meet every morning all year round for good companionship and to practise their common interest - building models.

The town is a model of Varde market town as it appeared circa 1866.

The layout of the streets, which is substantially the same as in the Middle Ages, is also much the same as it is now, but some of the old street names seem rather strange.

The town was built to a scale of 1:10 after reconstruction drawings which were prepared on the basis of the old original drawings,
photographs and other information.

The Minitown's shop has a rich selection of books and souvenirs, and coffee, tea and other drinks are also available. Picnics can be eaten on the covered terrace.

Guided tours are also available - please inquire to Varde Municipality, tel. +45 3043 9011.